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Dalmática begins to exist on the 1st February 2007, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of sacred art. We began to intervene in sculptures and altars of churches, but quickly expanded our work in the interior ceilings and furniture.
In the same year of its foundation, we started to create contemporary furniture for the filling of churches as well as expanded our skills to the intervention both in civil construction and architecture.
Currently, we not only work in the fields of history, archeology and anthropology, but also in the creation of works of art off upon request. Not long ago, we began to do book publishing, photographic activities, signalling for buildings and organization of events, a true and without equal offer to our clients.
The year of 2010 brought us something new to our portfolio: consultancy. According to the recent market demands, we provide our clients with advice on how to preserve both immovable and movable goods. We analyze the property in question, design a strategy to follow, propose a method of intervention, and offer a set of specifications.
Based in Lousada (District of Oporto), Dalmática works in the whole northern region of the country, with some incursions already made in the centre part of Portugal. We are available to work throughout the country and we are already beginning to take its first steps in order to attract work abroad.
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