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Last Update: September, 2nd 2018
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Our office is located in the parish of Lustosa, Lousada. We chose this location because we believe it is a strategic point, with easy access to all of northern Portugal. While considering the possibility of working in other areas of the country or even abroad, the Dalmática has the geographic scope for the first years of activity the Diocese of Porto and Vila Real, and that is why Lousada seemed to be a central point for our work.
Once the location was chosen, we began to engage in deep construction works in order to create a space with all the required conditions for the work of our technicians.
Our workshops, with about nearly eleven thousand square feet, are built in an ‘open space’ manner; so that all its extension is rich in natural light, vital to the work progresses. We also have a room fully equipped for the isolation and disinfection of items. We also have a photograph studio where all works of art, treated in the company, are recorded in order to keep a memory of the conservation status which they had before and after the intervention.
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