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We are a new company! Nevertheless, one could actually say that is a team already mature in this business area. My college education led me to conclude a theology degree, granted by the Catholic University of Portugal. Enriched with five years of experience in raising commercial religious works of art for Conservation-restoration, I decided to begin, back in the year of 2007, a new cycle by creating my own company, true to my convictions on how an intervention in a work of art might be done.
Pursuing such a conviction, I have chosen a highly skilled technical team, which sees Conservation-restoration likewise and cares to do a responsible and serious work. It is our intention to help the safeguard and preservation of the artistic heritage, mainly religious, but always aware that a restoration technician should not and cannot intervene in the work of art by putting it in risk through modification and adulteration.
Meanwhile and after the seeds were sown, I was faced with the need to expand the potential of Dalmática. With a career which allowed me to rub shoulders with several priests and as well as with their needs in the community, I ended up hiring technicians and professionals from other areas by some companies to establish a network of partnerships aimed at offering clients a wide range of useful services.
Our target audience is in fact the parishes, but we remain available to work with other institutions or individuals. The portfolio of services we currently have allows us to meet the expectations of various stakeholders and expect to continue to expand the range of our clients.
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